Wizard Home Organizing

My magic wand can help you get organized!!


Let our magic wands come to work for you to whisk away the clutter, reducing stress, frustration and anxiety.

We work with you to organize areas of your home leaving behind a clean and organized area to better meet your needs.

             * Free Estimates

             * No project is too small

             * Honest and Trustworthy

             * Flexible work schedules

             * We minimize costs by reusing items you already own

             * We work well with senior citizens and people with ADHD

We will come to your home, listen to your needs, and determine the extent of the project with a goal of reducing life’s clutter.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate

so we can put our magic wands to work for you!


Yvonne Phelan, Your Organizing Wizard

Phone: (815) 603-4965

Email: wizardhomeorganizing@comcast.net

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