Wizard Home Organizing

My magic wand can help you get organized!!


* Closet Organizing

* Garage/Attic/Basement

* Home Office

* Kitchens

* Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Kitchens


* Implement Filing Systems

* Moving/Relocation

* Light Bookkeeping

* Shredding

* Moving/Relocation

Shredding Service

Photo Organization

Residential & Commercial Services

The lists above are guidelines of services that are available. If you do not see your needed service listed, please contact us. If we are unable to provide assistance, we will refer you to someone who specializes in that particular service.

“Don’t agonize...organize!”

Florynce Kennedy


We will sort through items and determine what you would like to keep, sell, donate, shred or throw away, and offer services to help distribute these items accordingly.

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* Photographs, Memorabilia

        & Collections